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FAQ - Tanning
  • How much does tanning cost and what are my options?
    We have a number of pricing options, depending on your budget and time frame! Click Here for a copy of our tanning prices! For tanners looking to just get a few sessions in before an event or tanners who plan to only come occasionally, we usually recommend buying individual sessions or bundles of sessions. These sessions last for 1 year, leaving plenty of time to make use of leftovers! ​ For tanners who want to get some color before a wedding or vacation coming up soon who are able to make it in at least 2-3 times a week, we recommend getting a 1 month package, which includes unlimited tanning in beds of the same or lower levels and 1 session in each higher level bed. These packages include the date of purchase and the 30 days following. ​ For long term tanners or those giving themselves a few months to get the color they want, memberships are usually going to be the best option by far! After the 1st month start-up fee, you only pay $30+tax each month to maintain the membership. Memberships last up to 1 year from the start date or until a payment is a full month late (so if you ever want to cancel your membership, there's no need to call; it'll expire on its own). If you're ever unable to make it in for a payment, don't worry too much about it! We do have a 7 day grace period before a late fee gets applied, so there's plenty of time to stop in! Members also get 20% off on bottles of lotion!
  • Is eye protection required?
    Wisconsin state law requires us to provide eye protection and make the use of eye protection mandatory. Please understand if we ask to see what you're using for eye protection, we aren't distrusting you, just complying with state law. Using eye protection is extremely important, as closing your eyes and/or covering your face with a towel only blocks a small fraction of the rays the bulbs produce. The concentration of UV rays produced by the beds is far beyond what is safe to have going into your eyes, and leaving your eyes unprotected or underprotected leaves you susceptible to severe damage to your eyes and eyesight. We understand tanning carries risks, but the risk of eye exposure is too high and unnecessary. If you're concerned about getting white rings around your eyes, that can be alleviated simply by shifting your goggles throughout your tanning session. We have a few options available for purchase, but for sanitary reasons, we don't have goggles to lend out.
  • How often can I tan?
    We recommend tanning every other day to develop a base tan. To get a strong tan, continue tanning regularly; to maintain a tan, we recommend tanning once or twice a week in a level 3 or 4 bed. You can certainly tan more often than those recommendations, however the law requires us to limit you to tanning no more than once every 24 hours. So if you tan at 4pm on Monday, we can't allow you to tan again until 4pm on Tuesday.
  • Is tanning lotion required?
    We do not require tanning lotion to be used in our beds. However, we don't permit tanning lotions that aren't purchased from a licensed tanning salon or any lotions designed only for outdoor use (for more information, check out our next question). While tanning lotion isn't required, we highly suggest using it for a variety of reasons. Your skin will naturally reflect as much as 50% of the rays, but tanning lotion will help you absorb a lot of those otherwise lost rays. Tanning can also damage skin cells, but lotion can help keep the cells healthier, slowing the replacement of the cells, extending the life of your tan. In addition to those two main reasons, various lotions can also have effects/features that are beneficial to specific people, such as tattoo protecting, skin firming, age defying, gentle formulas for sensitive skin, and more!
  • What lotions aren't allowed and why?
    We only allow lotions purchased from a licensed tanning salon. Lotions purchased from drugstores, supermarkets, online retailers, and other places can be low quality or diverted products. In many cases, these formulas are ineffective or even harmful. We also don't allow tanning lotions that are designed exclusively for outdoor use (professional lotions labeled indoor & outdoor are perfectly fine). Some ingredients used in low-quality and diverted lotions can damage the acrylic we use in our tanning beds, as can the oils in outdoor lotions. Requiring professional, indoor lotions helps us keep the acrylic in good condition, reducing upkeep costs, which allows us to keep prices down for you! Even tanning elsewhere, we highly recommend using professional, high-quality lotions. The same kinds of lotion that can damage the acrylic can often damage your skin as well.
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