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We sell two main brands: Redken and Pureology. The two brands are sister brands that have proven themselves with their quality and reliability. We find that they're a world away from drugstore brands, as they are healthier for your hair, more concentrated, and still remain economically reasonable! You may pay more ounce-for-ounce, but with the ingredients used and the concentration of the product, we find that Redken and Pureology may often require significantly less product per use -- you don't need a palm-full of shampoo to get a lather!

You may find other brands in store, as we try to offer the best we can for every circumstance! Some brands may have certain products or features that work especially well with a certain hair type. We may have other reasons for bringing in other brands as well, but you can always be certain that we will not compromise quality.


We supply our lotions primarily through SunEvolutions. They supply us with a variety of professional brands, like SupreTan, Fiesta Sun, Playboy, Hempz, and ProTan. Each brand has different lines that we find work well with different clients. Within those lines are various types of lotion that we recommend based on your skin tone and how long you've been tanning. We often start out new tanners with maximizers until they develop a strong base tan. Experienced tanners or those with naturally darker complexions are likely to benefit more from a bronzer. Our receptionists are here to help you pick out the lotion right for your budget, needs, and preferences!

If you are tanning, tanning lotion may be one of the most important factors, behind the length of the tan and the strength of the bed. While tanning lotion is optional, for your benefit, we do prohibit tanning lotions that aren't purchased from a licensed salon. To learn more about why tanning lotion is recommended and why we require it be professional quality, please check out our FAQ!


The brand of body moisturizer we carry, Hempz, has options that are ideal for any skin type. They also have a range of scents to choose from! It's recommended that tanners use a body moisturizer at home, because as mentioned above, dry skin dies faster, which causes your skin to get replaced sooner, which in turn causes you to lose your tan faster. If you use a tanning lotion during your visit, this is less of a concern, but it is still recommended for those that are really serious about getting the deepest, darkest, and longest lasting tan possible.

Even if you're not a tanner, it may still benefit you to use a daily moisturizer! It can help keep your skin healthy and slow down signs of aging!

Products Available For Purchase

At Shear Bliss & Indoor Beach, we go above and beyond for our customers — offering quality service along with top of the line products for you to enjoy. All hair products and tanning lotions we sell are professional products that manufacturers only guarantee at licensed salons. While you may occasionally find one of our products at a supermarket, drugstore, or online retailer, they are considered diverted. Purchasing a diverted product comes with some risks, and often isn't any cheaper than buying your products from a licensed salon.

Feel free to read more on the issue from our manufacturers!

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